Ex-Yu Turbo Folk Singers Celebrating NYE in Style
Tuesday, 03 January 2017

Just what our readers wanted to see - Ex Yu Turbo Folk Singers who appear to be ageless... well sort of.

Aging is indeed a hard thing to accept, and you can thank Earth's electromagnetic field for it. However, we all age, except some of us do it with grace (Hellen Mirren), while others not so much (every imaginable ex-Yu Turbo Folk singer from the 1980's.)

This is what the camera caught for New Year Eve around the Balkans.

Goca Bozhinovska and Zlata Petrovic - Someone went hunting before the party.


Neda Ukraden - She is 66 years young. No undies. This is normal, but when I go commando at work, everyone is upset!


Sanja Gjorgjevic - Good for you, you're the least disappointing on this list. But what are you actually wearing and why are you standing next to a fire extinguisher?


Vesna Zmejanac - We all want the 1980's back, but at least you're happy and that's all it matters.

Selma Bajrami (Bosnia). I am not even sure if we're allowed to comment on cellulite. Our editor is always upset with us. We are not going to say much except the see-through shopping bag she is wearing is not the best choice.

Stanija Dobrojevikj. Ok, she is wearing red here, very elegant, a class act.


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