Polar like weather conditions across Macedonia
Tuesday, 03 January 2017

Macedonia should start preparing for semi-polar weather conditions with temperature as low as -22C, snowfalls and freezing rain in the coming six to seven days, weather experts warn.

The citizens are advised to plan their trips carefully considering the weather forecast and not to embark in journeys without adequate winter equipment, urges the crisis management coordination body.

Temperatures are forecast to drop substantially as a result of a polar wave coming from Siberia, which is expected to grip the entire Balkans. The weather change will start off with rain and snow falls with freezing rain not being ruled out, according to the head of the Hydrometeorological Service Department.

"The citizens should be prepared for a radical drop in temperatures. Snow covers are expected all across Macedonia, from more than 50 centimeters in higher places, to 25 centimeters in urban areas. Cold, northwestern wind will cause temperature to drop well below zero. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday, temperature will plummet as low as -10C during the day and to -22C at night," Oliver Romevski told reporters Tuesday after a meeting of the coordination body.

Furthermore, teams of the state company in charge of maintaining national roads are deployed across the country.

"We call on all drivers to equip their vehicles with winter equipment, especially heavy cargo vehicles should not go on the road without such an equipment. Drivers must drive carefully and according to traffic rules and signposts," stated Gajur Kadriu, director of Macedonia Road State Enterprise.


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