Gruevski admits: It was a Mistake to let Soros this much Control in Macedonia
Tuesday, 03 January 2017

In an extended interview with weekly Republika, VMRO-DPMNE President Nikola Gruevski speaks in detail about the comments he made about the George Soros funded Foundation Open Society Institute. Gruevski says that this wide-reaching group of alleged non-Governmental organizations (NGOs) will be allowed to continue working in Macedonia, but will no longer be allowed to monopolize the civil society network and abuse it for their political purposes. Gruevski spoke about a process of de-Sorosoization of the Macedonian civil society sector in the proclamation which VMRO-DPMNE issued shortly after the early general elections.

"This was a difficult year in which we faced a hard opponent. And here I don't mean the SDSM party. They were merely a smoke-screen, an instrument. It wouldn't have been this difficult if there weren't for the millions poured into Macedonia by George Soros, with his network of NGO groups, media, politicians who he funds both inside the country and outside of Macedonia. Just look at the electronic messages from Soros published on Wikileaks and it all becomes clearer. The man is giving clear instructions on what is to be done, and they are accepted without debate or checks and balances. The messages show that he can go visit top leading American officials whenever he wants to, arranges meetings day in day out and has significant influence. His foundation, judging by its fnancial and personal potential, is the strongest politically oriented foundation in the world. He has decided to use his wealth toward ideological goals - the creation of these so-called open societies, and for financial gain, where he speculates on pre-determined political outcomes in certain countries which brings him profits in the stock exchanges. This influence extends to entire institutions, ministries, Governments infected with his ideology and points of view. It makes no sense to even talk about SDSM or Zaev here, they are small fish in this story", Gruevski says in the interview published on Tuesday.

Asked about what wider interests could Soros have for his influence in Macedonia, Gruevski responds that it has been a permanent feature, since Macedonia became independent in 1991 and Soros had his first and only visit to the country, to maintain a line of financial support to left wing groups and the main left wing party - SDSM. "Whenever VMRO-DPMNE is in office, his institutions are very active against us. Whenever SDSM is in office, they are again active against us, even though we are in the opposition. VMRO-DPMNE has been the right of center, conservative for 25 years. In those years, not a single thing we've done was ever praised by a media outlet or a civic group funded by the Foundation Open Society. And, at the same time, they have never been critical of a single thing SDSM has done. A man who sat on the SDSM Central Committee headed the Foundation Open Society Institute in Macedonia for 5 years, and recently he placed one of his acolytes to officially run the Foundation, and to maintain the same political line", Gruevski said, speaking about long time Soros foundation head in Macedonia Vladimir Milcin, for whom he adds that he even attends SDSM rallies as a speaker, blurring any distinction between the NGO sector and the main social-democratic party.

Gruevski says that through funding, scholarships, research grants, book advances and other means, this organization controls a large number of journalists and media outlets in the country, professors and opinion makers, "professional protesters" such as those from the recent colored revolution, but also administrative officials in high places including judges, prosecutors, doctors, environmentalists. "Everywhere they believe they may have some interest, they have people, directing both money and indoctrination", Gruevski tells Republika, adding that 95 percent of the NGO or civil society sector in Macedonia is now managed through Soros or through Governments where the Soros group is influential.

Asked about his pledge to initiate a process of de-Sorosoization, Gruevski says that it was a mistake to allow things to go this far, and to give so much influence to an external player and to outside Governments. The process, according to Gruevski, would allow the Soros foundation to continue operating in Macedonia, but would no longer be the sole controller of the NGO sector.

"Every Government gives out a certain amount of money to support the civil sector and here we have failed. We must find the funds to support a truly independent civil society sector in Macedonia. We can't allow it to remain fully in the hands of George Soros or foreign Governments. Soros can stay and invest in Macedonia but there must be other, alternative sources of funding for quality projects, which will be evaluated by experts who are not politically dependent by the Government, or by foreign Governments and individuals", Gruevski adds.

The conservative party leader compares the network of NGOs ran by the Soros Foundation to an army that shapes and distorts the truth about the country. "If they want, they will turn you into a criminal, a traitor, an incompetent, a monster, they will come up with a myriad of alleged scandals to your name... Look what they did with the VMRO-DPMNE Proclamation from December 17th. We clearly stated that we continue our normal communication with Ambassadors, but the Soros owned media did not say that. They blamed us that we have declared war to the Ambassadors and have gone into self-isolation. We said that some Ambassadors have gone too far with their meddling in internal affairs, which must stop, and their media are saying that we are against the United States and the West, against NATO and the European Union, even though in the same Proclamation we say that we remain oriented toward the West, toward NATO and EU", Gruevski says, adding that there is a clear bias in the actions of this network against conservative Governments, not just in Macedonia, but in the Balkans, across Eastern Europe, and now, most recently, in the United States.

In another pointed answer in his interview, Gruevski says that he took a few days off to the Mavrovo ski resort, where he was also reading Donald Trump's book "Great Again: How to fix our crippled America". During the several days long protests in front of the State Electoral Commission, VMRO-DPMNE supporters were holding banners aimed against current US Ambassador Jess Baily, but also had banners praising Donald Trump.

Judging by the interview, Greuvski still hasn't learned a single lesson. Only expelling diplomats and "NGOs" who meddle in the country will bring some sort of trust in the Government.


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