Healthcare Budget to reach whopping 440m for 2017
Wednesday, 04 January 2017

The public Healthcare Insurance Fund (FZO) is projected to have its highest budget in history in 2017, at 26,947 billion denars (440 million EUR).  This is an increase of 5,4 percent compared to 2016 levels, said co-director Sasho Stefanovski, and twice the amount FZO had when it was first founded in 2000.

"The division of the budget was guided by several parameters, including implementation of past budgets, negotiations with privately owned healthcare providers, planning for the type and scope of services being offered, and introduction of new methods and services which are being proposed by public service providers", said Stefanovski.

A little over half of the budget will be directed toward public providers, and 30 percent will go to private providers, while 10,7 percent go to providing for post-natal and disability benefits. Stefanovski said that the increase in private healthcare providers includes the higher payments per patient. The new budget also provides for more prescription issued medicine and dialysis support.

Co-director Orhan Ramadani added that the increase in funding for public healthcare providers will support better oncology care, more funds for the Cardio-Surgery Clinic, the Ophthalmology Clinic and other providers. "The Fund will remain true to its goal to improve the level of care for all patients", said Ramadani.


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