UJP waited for change in US Administration to file Charges against "NGOs"
Wednesday, 04 January 2017

Today, the UJP announced it will file charges against numerous NGOs in Macedonia for money laundering and illegal political campaign donations that far exceeded what's allowed by Macedonian law.

Why today and not sooner? MINA finds the UJP was blackmailed by operatives at the US Embassy not to take actions against NGOs who openly financed protests against the Government, but also the activities of the opposition, not to mention the massive bribes during the elections.

However, with the changes in the US Administration, the expected change of US Embassy staff and the removal of Ambassador Baily, the UJP feels "safe" enough to proceed with their constitutional duty and investigate the millions of dollars that have entered Macedonia for political and destabilization purposes.

MINA has reported on numerous occasions (here , here and here) of millions of dollars coming in Macedonia during specific events - prior to the terrorist attack in Kumanovo, prior to the elections, earlier there was a massive wire transfer just days before Zaev walked into the PM cabinet blackmailing Gruevski he was in possession of wiretapped tapes. This is on top of the money that USAid dishes out to SDSM and protesters via dubious NGOs.

The UJP is now investigating the money wires who came from places like Kuwait, Albania, Kyrgyzstan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Jordan, which as we reported earlier were delivered by CIA fronts acting as NGOs in those countries. At the time, per our report here, the Financial Police started investigating the source of the money for one of the "NGO" calling itself "Most", however abruptly stopped the investigation! We now know the pressure came from operatives at the US Embassy to drop the investigation. "Most" for their part refused to cooperate with the financial police knowing who their backers are.

Today, for a lack of a better word, the Financial Police now has the "freedom" to work on their case against local foreign funded NGOs - what did they do with the money, where the money came from, taxations etc. 

Is this part of the battle the VMRO-DPMNE stated in their proclamation for De-Sorosization of Macedonia - an attempt to rid or at least control the foreign funded protests and destabilization attempts? This remains to be seen.

SDSM's spokesman Petre Shilegov at a press conference acted more as a spokesman for the NGOs by asking the Financial police to work "professionally" insisting there was no need to investigate the source of their funds!

Brief history on Soros NGO in Macedonia

- Entered Macedonia in 1992, setting up the Open Society Institute as a foreign office. It joined forces with the communists, renamed to the Social Democrats (SDSM). In 1999, Open Society was transformed from a foreign into a local office with SDSM in charge.

From the begining, numerous SDSM officials have been in charge of Open Society: Ratka Kuljan (1992-96), Emilija Simovska (2002-2005), Jane Miljovski, Gordana Siljanovska and their most prominent head Vlade Milchin.  

In 1993, USAid and Open Society funded the creation of A1TV. Gordana Stoshik, an Open Society Director was put in charge of the TV station.

Open Society's annual budget is $5m which means the Soros backed organization has officially spent $115m over the past 24 years. What were the money spent on? That's job for the financial police.

 Today, Open Society has around 1,500 'activists' on permanent payroll. It must be noted that in addition to the $5m annual budget, USAid donates additional $3-$5m per year to NGOs in Macedonia, however it choses to donate the money to Soros' Open Society which makes their true budget at roughly $8-$10m / year.


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