CIA Mouthpiece "Radio Free Europe" pays for Ads on FB against VMRO-DPMNE
Thursday, 05 January 2017


RFE, better known in Europe as the CIA Mouthpiece was caught funding Ads in the shape of articles on Facebook against the Macedonian ruling Government in an effort to stop actions by the Government against Soros (well known CIA operative) and his NGOs who have crippled the political and economical situation in the country.

In its sponsored propaganda piece, the CIA (RFE) claims Gruevski is quite dangerous in his idea to regulate Soros financed NGOs, such thing would prolong and icrease the political crisis.

Although originally aimed their propaganda at the Soviet Union, RFE expanded their coverage in all of eastern Europe in an attempt to influence public opinion against a leader or Government it feels is not a good fit for the interests of American corporate cabal it represents.

CIA, on their own webpage quite nicely explains that the RFE is a covert operation that they started in 1949. They were forced to put the information on their website in 2011 when it became a bit too obvious who is behind RFE.


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