Zaev's Kolede Song in front of BESA's Radical Islamists
Friday, 06 January 2017

This morning thousands of Macedonian kids ventured out into the snowy conditions to sing traditional Christmas Kolede songs. Apparently, so did SDSM leader Zoran Zaev who with former interim MoI Oliver Spasovski were filmed by Zhurnal journalist visiting the headquarters of the islamic radical movement BESA who won 3MP spots in Parliament.

Zaev has given up on forming a Government with DUI. The SDSM leader called Ahmeti an illegitimate representative for the albanians in Macedonia. Apparently, Zaev is their legitimate representative and the radicals in BESA.

We have no information what was discussed at this meeting, but if the Soros and USAid financed media is any reference, they have been discussing to prep for violent protests because the SDSM will be in opposition for another four years.

Zaev's plan for Macedonia:


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