Gunman carrying Military ID shoots multiple people at Florida Airport
Friday, 06 January 2017

 A gunman opened fire Friday afternoon at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport in Florida, shooting at least nine people and killing five, Broward County officials said. The armed man had military ID on him and is now in custody, according to what local law enforcement sources told NBC News.

The Fort Lauderdale airport tweeted the incident occurred at a baggage claim inside Terminal 2. Passengers and workers were evacuated onto a tarmac.

Former White House press secretary Ari Fleischer tweeted he was at the airport at the time of the shooting and "everyone is running." He later tweeted that "all seems calm."

 A law enforcement expert said authorities will try to determine who the suspect is and whether there are other plots afoot.

"You're trying to understand, is this a one-off guy? Regardless of motive, is he alone, or is there something else?" law enforcement expert Jim Cavanaugh told MSNBC. "We hate to think that way, but that's the requirement for police commanders to think that way." 


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