US Military gives Obama embarrassing send off
Friday, 06 January 2017

Barack Obama despite the corporate mainstream media and liberals' claims that he was a great Commander-in-Chief, the very people that served under him for eight years just proved that their claims were wrong.

Who better to give a rating of Obama's abiltity as a Commander-in-Chief than the very men and women that have had to put their lives on the line for a country under the control of Obama?

Well during a ceremony earlier today at Joint Base Myer in Arlington, Virginia Barack Obama was given the Department of Defense Medal of Distinguished Public Service, the best part comes when you look at the "enormous" crowd that came out to see the event. Rows and rows of empty seats were there to greet Obama and there couldn't be a more fitting send off for the lame duck president.

Barack Obama not only had some of the worst foreign policy the world has ever seen, but is known for replacing more than a dozen brilliant US Generals and Admirals with "yes" men.

The US military just let Obama know what they really thought of him.


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