EU Leader Begs Nations To Stop Referendums, Union Will Collapse
Friday, 06 January 2017

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Slovakian Prime Minister Robert Fico has pleaded with the remaining 27 nations to cease giving citizens the power to decide their own future.

Mr Fico pointed to the recent examples in the UK and Italy, which saw the countries turn away from the EU.

Britain voted to leave the superstate - Brexit - while the Mediterranean nation’s future is uncertain after the Prime Minister Matteo Renzi resigned following Italians overwhelmingly rejecting his package of reforms.

The constitutional reforms Italians shunned has led the populist 5Star movement to call for a referendum on the country’s continued membership in the eurozone.

Mr Fico said: “What will we do if . . . there is a referendum in Italy on the euro and Italian citizens decide they don’t want the euro?”

And across the continent Eurosceptic parties are gaining support, including in the Netherlands and France, which also pose a real threat to the stability of the EU.

Outspoken French leader of the Front National, Marine Le Pen, has promised France a referendum on membership of the EU is she is voted into power in April.

As Slovakia handed the six-month rotating presidency of the Council of the EU to Malta on January 1, Mr Fico added: “I am asking EU leaders to stop with adventures like the British and Italian referendums . . . on domestic issues which pose a threat to the EU.”

The Eurozone looks to be unravelling as voters reject closer cooperation and integration particularly in the wake of the financial crash which plunged countries into austerity, including Greece or Spain, which still has low youth employment.

And concerns over the European project were deepened with the numbers of migrants entering the continent, which reached more than one million in 2015, and was dubbed the migrant crisis.

The free movement of people across borders in the Schengen zone raised fears that potential terrorists were able to move freely across the bloc unchecked.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has come under heavy criticism for her ‘open door’ policy, which has seen a record number of muslims resettled in the country. '


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