Subzero temperatures across Macedonia
Saturday, 07 January 2017

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The lowest temperature this morning was recorded in the ski resort of Mavrovo, -19C. It is followed by Krusevo and Lazaropole (-18C), Topolcani and Gjuriste (-17C), Pozarane (-15), Prilep, Kriva Palanka and Berovo (-14C), Pretor, Ohrid, Vinica, Debar, Kumanovo and Bitola (-13C), Stip and Tetovo (-12C), Skopje (-11), etc.

The highest snow cover is once again reported in Mavrovo with 84 cm of snow.

According to weather forecasters, it will be mostly overcast on Saturday with some sunny periods and chances of light snowfall across the country. Moderate northwestern wind will be blowing.

Temperature will plummet as low as -13C during the day and -17C by night time.

Traffic is regulated, bans issued

No cars are allowed on Kratovo-Probistip regional road. Transport on Kumanovo-Kriva Palanka road near Mlado Nagoricane is hampered due to snowdrift.

Heavy cargo vehicles are banned on the mountain slope of Mavrovo.

Traffic on the road from the village of Krupishte to Probishtip has been normalized since this morning.

Transport is also normalized on Sveti Nikole-Kumanovo road. Cars are only allowed with interruptions on the road from Veles via Stip and Probistip. The ban for heavy cargo vehicles remains in force.

A ban for cargo vehicles on sections of the Veles-Skopje motorway and on the road from Kriva Palanka to Deve Bair border crossing has been lifted.

Other bans for heavy cargo vehicles on the mountain slopes of Straza, Pletvar and Gjavato have been also lifted.

As of November 15, winter equipment in vehicles is mandatory until 15 March 2017 regardless of the weather.

Drivers are  advised to drive carefully, adjust their speed according to the weather conditions and respect road signalization.

No delays are reported on the border crossings, except the necessary period for customs formalities. Increased intensity of traffic outside urban areas is reported.


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