DUI, Besa and Alliance want New Flag, Anthem, Official Language
Saturday, 07 January 2017

A joint platform drafted by DUI, the Revival with BESA coalition and the Alliance for Albanians - which will serve as their launch pad in the negotiations for government formation - has been adopted, DUI said Saturday.

In a joint statement of the three Albanian parliamentary parties in Macedonia, they said the document was created on the basis of the free and democratic will of the Albanian voters expressed in the Dec. 11 early parliamentary polls, the spirit of the Ohrid Accord, prosperity and long-term stability of Macedonia and the determination for Macedonia to join NATO and the EU.

The joint political agenda of the three parties envisages the implementation of several objectives 'during the upcoming government mandate and/or every other mandate in the future.'

These include: full equality in compliance with the Ohrid Framework Agreement and the Constitution, equal language rights, use of the Albanian language in all executive levels alongside the Macedonian as official languages in Macedonia, full economic parity through equal regional development and settlement of the name row with Greece in line with European values and the principles of international law by including Albanians in the working group for direct negotiations with Greece.

Through the platform, the parties also call for the establishment of a new mechanism, i.e. a state committee on the financing of municipalities, and a ministry of political system and relations between the communities to serve as a body charged with respecting the rights of the communities and stimulating economic and social development of under-developed areas.

The parties seek equitable representation in security and intelligence bodies, the military and the judicial sector, in every level of central authorities, public services or enterprises with public bonds, strengthening of the rule of law and support to unbiased functioning of the Special Public Prosecutor's Office, fostering of favorable ties with the neighbors and swift integration into NATO and the EU.

"With the above-mentioned goals being implemented, Macedonia's path towards full-fledged NATO membership and the opening of membership talks with the EU will be unblocked," reads the joint statement. The process of fulfilling these objectives, it adds, will be supervised through the establishment of a Roundtable of the Albanian parliamentary parties.

What the three parties are essentially asking for is, constitutional redefinition and breakup of Macedonia into cantons, first offered by the SDSM during the election campaign. After DUI, SDSM is the second largest albanian party in the country. 


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