WC Handball: In Metz you can buy Smoki, Strumka, Napolitanki..
Monday, 16 January 2017

Macedonian handball fans in Croatia felt like home. Similar culture, recognizable language, similar food, coffee shops, restaurants and bars flooded with Macedonian flags to attract more customers wearing red and yellow...

Metz, France where the Macedonian national team plays their matches as part of 2017 World Cup in France is a little bit different than Croatia. There are no Macedonian flags in local bars or restaurants, and there are not as many Macedonian fans in the city, although we must add their number is increasing each day and are now roughly 250 fans in Metz.

Metz is located in northern France near the German and Luxembourg border. It's an older city dating back at least 300 years with a current population of 119,000. 

Macedonian fans were certainly a bit disappointed with the setting compared to the last World Cup many of them attended in Croatia, however, were pleasantly surprised to find Macedonian products in Metz supermarkets. 

While browsing for snacks in supermarkets, several fans took photos of Macedonian products which were shared on social media. They saw Smoki, Napolitanki, Strumka, even Ajvar and Lutenica. 

But then again, if you find Smoki in Japan, why wouldn't you find them in a small town in northern France.




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