Slovenian goalkeeper too much for Macedonia, bad loss to Slovenia
Tuesday, 17 January 2017

The Macedonian national handball team lost its first game at the World Handball Championship in France. Slovenia proved much better and deserved to win 29:22. Slovenia's goalkeeper Matevz Skok dominated the game and did not allow the team in red and yellow to really do much the entire match. Lino Cervar's decision to exclude Macedonia's #1 goalie Borko Ristovski from the team will certainly come back to haunt him. The Macedonian goalies that were brought in to represent the country in the WC are simply not at the same level as Borko who plays in Barcelona and Mitrevski in Portugal. Ristovski is by far the best goalie, however his arrogant attitude many believe cost him a spot on the roster.

Slovenia's goalie on the other hand was like a Chinese wall, not many shots went past him. Following his 7-meter-throw save against Kire Lazarov, Skok had an excellent series of saves which allowed Slovenia to creat a several goal lead which managed to maintain throughout the match. On the other side, anything Slovenia threw into our goal ended up in the net, thus the team in red and yellow could not do anything and signed their capitulation sheet early on in the match.

Slovenia knew how to punish Macedonia’s mistakes in their defense. There was too much open space and Slovenians were able to easily score from a distance. This only contributed to Slovenia’s advantage, so in the final minutes of the match the players could not do anything to leave a better impression.

Slovenia’s head coach Veselin Vujovic who had spent several years coaching FC Vardar was able to outwit and outsmart his great rival Lino Cervar. If anyone knows Macedonian players it's Veselin Vujovic, because he coached them. So right from the getgo Slovenia was at an advantage which showed quite well during the match.

Next up for Macedonia is Spain. If we are realists, there isn't much to hope for in this match as Spain is a world champ contender.


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