CIA documents reveal Russia wanted to restore Macedonia in its Natural Borders
Monday, 23 January 2017

As part of CIA's plan to declassify over 12m documents gathered over the past 70 years, one can find a document on Russia's plan to intervene in Macedonia after WW2 in order to restore the natural borders of the country.

At the time the USSR believed the Yugoslav president gifted Macedonian territory to the Western managers of Greece as a gift to the West.

In 1944,45 the Yugoslav leadership executed around 1,000 Macedonian partisans in Skopje, Veles, Bitola, Gevgelija, Shtip.. who wanted to fight on the Solun front.

According to the CIA document, the USSR planned to intervene militarily in Macedonia and take Prizren, Nish, Prishtina and Vranje to the north, Radomir and Pirin to the east, Solun (Salonika) and a large swath from Aegean Macedonia plus Greece and territory from Albania in the south west.

To this end, they would enlist the help of the Macedonians in all territories. The USSR had 15 motorized tank divisions placed in Kjustendil, on the Macedonian border ready to intervene - states the CIA document.

It's quite infuriating to see the Macedonian Government wanting to align with the very western nations who carved up Macedonia and are still working to carve up the country into even more pieces...




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