Macedonian MMA fighter TKOs Croatian fighter in 4 seconds
Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Blaze Dardov of Kavadarci did something not too many MMA fighters can say they have accomplished. He knocked out his opponent as soon as the match started. According to the official and somewhat confused Croatian commentator, the match ended in 4 seconds, however it may have looked even faster than that.

Dardov took part in the "Munja Fighting Championship" in Zagreb, and his victim was the favorite to win the fight, Croatia's Pleurat Smajli (no joke that's his name we checked).

Dardov is a member of Bitola based MMA club "Ninjutsu", while Pleurat fights for the best known MMA club in Zagreb "American Top Team".

There is not much to discuss about the fight. It started and then it ended with Dardov pummeling Smajli with the ref jumping to interject and prevent further damage to Smajli's overall well being.

Dardov was a bit surprised himself how quickly the fight ended. Was not sure whether he should jump for joy or dance, and he did a combination of the two which resulted in a new form of celebration... it was awkward and hilarious at the same time.  What a TKO though!


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