Tempers flare after Albanian soldiers in Greek Army show Eagle sign
Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Greek Defense Minister Panos Kammenos, from the nationalist Independent Greeks party, said that there is an increase in ethnic Albanian nationalism in the country. He commented after seven Greek army recruits, who are ethnic Albanian, took a picture making the symbol of the Albanian eagle with their hands and laughed.

Greece has a large ethnic Albanian community, mainly in Athens, but also in the north-western Cameria region, and they are generally pressured into adopting a Greek identity. But lately, Greece has complained that Albania is inciting nationalism among Greek Albanians, and is opening the issue of the expulsion of Albanians from Cameria following the Second World War.

Kammenos blamed Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama of inciting nationalism, after Rama recently made comments on the Cameria region. He also said that the seven army recruits will be investigated for the photograph which they apparently posted on social media accounts. "Those who don't feel like Greeks better return to their native countries", Kammenos added.


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