SPO clowns after pardoning Zaev open cases on "Bullet Proof Vehicle"?
Tuesday, 24 January 2017

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Tariff and Tank are the two new probes launched by the Special Public Prosecution (SPO) acting upon cases formed ex officio in connection to publicly released conversations.

The SPO is tasked with investigating crimes arising from the wiretapped recordings. However, ironically, it pardoned the top criminals in Zoran Zaev and Zoran Verushevski, despite having plethora of evidence against the two.

The investigation code-named Tariff probes seven people suspected of allegedly abusing office in compliance with the Criminal Code, the SPO said Tuesday in a press release. 

According to the SPO, there is reasonable suspicion that the officials have abused their office when involved in a procedure for public procurement of a software for the Macedonian power utility company ELEM. The suspects by breaching their authorizations have paved the way for a legal entity, a consortium - which ultimately won the tender - to enter the second stage of negotiations for the public procurement, event though its documentation for the procedure was incomplete. The cost of the public procurement contract is estimated at 4,092,420.

The suspects, the SPO elaborateed, are believed to have approved 'groundless' payments for licenses for software maintenance in apparent violation of the terms of the public procurement contract. 

"In relation to this case, it is of paramount importance to note that according to evidence, the system procured has never been implemented in most part, even though some 3,700,000 have been paid. In line with the public procurement contract, the system should have been implemented by 11 February 2013," the SPO said.

SPO pardons for treason, but investigates whether Government needs a bullet proof vehicle?

Under the second investigation code-named Tank, two persons are probed under suspicion of abusing their office according to the Criminal Code for activities carried out from February 2012 to late October 2012.

"A reasonable suspicion has arisen involving two people in an attempt to fulfill a wish of the then premier to provide a special type of passenger vehicle. The prime suspect has convinced the second suspect to abuse office by 'favoring' a certain economic operator while performing the procedure for public procurement and to buy the required vehicle," read the press release.

According to the SPO, a procedure was launched against the Law on Public Procurement amid conditions of financial strain of a certain ministry.

"There is reasonable suspicion that the second suspect, despite being aware of committing an illegal act by favoring a certain economic operator, reached a decision to pick the most favorable bid and to conclude a deal for procurement of a vehicle estimated at approximately 572,780," the SPO said in the press release.


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