No Agreement: VMRO-DPMNE Proposes New Elections
Sunday, 29 January 2017


Precisely on midnight, the winner of the Macedonian elections VMRO-DPMNE issued a press release stating that the party was not able to reach an agreement with DUI over forming a new Government.

The party leadership proposed new elections.

DUI, for its part stated that after lengthy discussions with both the VMRO-DPMNE and the SDSM, they too felt that there "weren't enough arguments" and could not reach a decision to form a Government. However, DUI is known to change their mind on a whim, particularly when a phone call came in from Baily.

Considering these elections were fraudulent, with massive bribing scheme that MINA and others exposed, great deal of meddling by foreign diplomats, over 30,000 fraudulent voters from Kosovo, early elections would be the best result for Macedonia and its citizens.

Gruevski will return the mandate back to president Ivanov.


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