Countries behind Coup want "Grand Coalition" Government
Tuesday, 31 January 2017

The US Ambassador in Macedonia Jess Baily issued a statement that he would prefer to see a grand coalition and is against new elections. The US Embassy through USAid and Soros did spend quite a bit of money to bring the SDS to 49MPs, so his statement is not surprising. What is surprising is the way it was announced, no microphones or media present, it sounded more of a personal statement.

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However, Jess Baily meddling did not sit well with the VMRO-DPMNE who asked the US Embassy to clarify their statement, whether it is simply a personal opinion of Mr. Baily or is he representing the opinion of the new administration (highly unlikely).

An identical statement was issued by Brussels Sorosite and EU Spokesperson Maja Kocijanchich, who too stated she wished to see a "grand coalition" adding "new elections would undermine the achievements thus far". One can't argue here, it would indeed undermine the achievements of the coup plotters.

Ironically, the Constitution is very clear about this sort of things:

The Mandate can be given only to a winning party. If Government is not formed, new elections must be held. 

There is no discussion or any sort of mentioning that the 2nd or 3rd place party can receive a mandate to form a Government. Ivanov has stated he will follow the Constitution, it is the reason why he held a meeting earlier today with Nikola Ivanovski, the president of the Constitutional Court.


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