Russian FM: Once again we see massive Meddling in Macedonian Internal Affairs by few Western nations
Thursday, 02 February 2017

Russian Foreign Affairs Ministry issued a press release in which it calls for an end to the political crisis in Macedonia and calls on "the West" to stop meddling in Macedonian internal political affairs.

"We note the serious deepening of the political crisis in Macedonia. It is now clear that the artificially caused early general elections on December 11th 2016 did not contribute to regulating the situation. Open foreign influence over the political forces in Macedonia continues under the guise of pseudo-democratic slogans", the Russian Foreign Ministry writes in its press release issued today. According to the Ministry, the goal of the Western countries that are trying to influence the coalition making process is to prevent VMRO-DPMNE and DUI from forming the usual a coalition of winners among the two largest ethnic groups.

The Foreign Ministry also reminds on the multi-ethnic character of Macedonia and warns that a situation when politicians from one ethnic group try to impose the coalition partner from another ethnic group can lead to confrontation. "The shameless Machiavellian manipulations with the will of the voters can escalate the situation in Macedonia and endanger the fragile stability of the entire region", the press release goes on, before calling on Macedonian parties to reject foreign interference and to focus on resolving domestic political issues internally.


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