Macedonia's Sorosites to write Letter to Congress Supporting Baily
Thursday, 02 February 2017

Macedonian Soros activists made up of lefties journalists, professors and activists, on the payroll of USAid and George Soros will write a letter of support for US Ambassador Jess Baily. The reason is quite simple, if he is removed from Macedonia, their source of income will cease to exist.

There is a sense of urgency among the lefties NGOs funded by Soros, ironically through USAid. Professor Ljubomir Frckovski, Jovanovski, Najcevska, Gerovski, Open Society Heads Fanovska and Milcin will pen a letter to US Congress supprting the US Ambassador work in Macedonia, despite the fact there is overwhelming evidence he was at the forefront of destabilizng the country using US Taxpayers money in assisting the former communists in the country and the far left through demonstrations, and openly meddling in the electoral process.

The individuals behind the letter of support each recieve a monthly stipend from Soros (USAid) ranging from 5,000 - 14,000 euros. They are very much depending the man behind their additional source of income.

As we have reported earlier, US Congress has begun an investigation into the work of US Ambassador Jess Baily due to evidence he has colluded and abused USAid to finance George Soros NGOs up to the tune of 5m dollars in the past two years, and has already approved further financing of Open Society and NGOs tied to Open Society Foundation to the tune of $9m in the next few years.  

The violent protests we see in the US today, already happened in Macedonia, except in Macedonia they were much more violent, and the US Ambassador was firmly behind them, so much so that Soros activists met at the US Embassy to coordinate their protests. Mr. Baily also was active in censoring the media and pressuring the judicial system in the country to side with lefties organization no matter what the case or the evidence behind it. Mr. Baily has been trully an embarassment for the United States and has set relations between the two friendly countries for at least 20 years.


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