EU MEP: So called 'albanian platform' drafted by Rama is unacceptable for EU
Friday, 03 February 2017

Member of European Parliament (MEP) and former Slovak foreign minister Eduard Kukan says the so-called "albanian Platform" of parties representing ethnic Albanians in Macedonia, sponsored by Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama, is unacceptable, MIA reports from Brussels.

"Albania has always shown good results regarding regional cooperation and this is appreciated, but I would stop here. Activities of the Albanian PM after the elections in Macedonia are unacceptable. To invite parties of ethnic Albanians from Macedonia and discuss their platform and what they should do when returning to their country is too much. This is not the way to do things", says Kukan, who represents the European People's Party (EPP) in the European Parliament.

The joint platform of DUI, BESA and the Alliance for Albanians includes full equality in compliance with the Ohrid Framework Agreement and the Constitution, equal language rights, use of the Albanian language in all executive levels alongside the Macedonian as official languages in Macedonia, full economic parity through equal regional development and settlement of the name row with Greece in line with European values and the principles of international law by including Albanians in the working group for direct negotiations with Greece.

The parties seek equitable representation in security and intelligence bodies, the military and the judicial sector, in every level of central authorities, public services or enterprises with public bonds, strengthening of the rule of law and support to unbiased functioning of the Special Public Prosecutor's Office, fostering of favorable ties with the neighbors and swift integration into NATO and the EU.


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