Zaev blackmails Ahmeti with unleashing SPO... Jail time
Thursday, 16 February 2017

 SDS(M)'s leader Zoran Zaev has blackmailed Ahmeti and DUI's leadership with jail time, reports albanian portal "Exit". According to the portal, Zaev will utilize the SPO and Katica Janeva to launch cases against DUI if they don't soon agree to form a Government coalition with the SDS(M), once again proving the SPO is just an illegal installation helping the SDS(M) get to power, reports Exit.

To this end, Pavle Bogoevski, the Soros activist turned SDSM MP posted on his Facebook page that "There is no political calculation that can save DUI's leadership from an SPO investigation. Not just Ali Ahmeti, but his inner circle will face moral, political and criminal responsibility" writes Bogoevski on his page adding "Ahmeti has still not responded to SDSM's invitation to form a Government".

Bogoevski was paid tens of thousands of euros by USAid and Soros and was the "leader" of the year long protests that dumped paint across the Macedonian capital. The SPO has focused solely on weakening VMRO-DPMNE and has not brought up any cases against DUI, however according to Bogoevski, it will soon do so if DUI does not comply with SDSM's request to form Government, reports Exit.


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