Micov: Macedonia Needs Own National Platform, preferably not drafted in Tirana
Thursday, 16 February 2017

   Macedonia should've made its own national platform long ago, long before the albanian parties were herded in Tirana to proclaim their list of demands as a condition of being part of the government.

The Macedonian program should protect Macedonian interests not only at home, but also in the neighbouring countries where our countrymen live, professor Stefan Vlahov-Micov told media. He asked for the same thing in his latest book "Macedonian National Program", as well. According to him, all countries from the region already have such programs which are only an extension of their past agenda.

- The program should clearly state that Macedonia is a sovereign and independent country, and that that should be respected. That should especially refer to all those delegates-politicians from abroad who interfere in our internal affairs. A significant part of the platform should be dedicated to the relations with the neighbours, as well as to the economy - Vlahov-Micov emphasizes for the media.

Don't accept Bulgarian and Greek Investors

He stresses that he is worried that, lately, investors have been coming from all the different places in order to invest in Macedonia; and one should be careful, especially with investors from Greece and Bulgaria, since their intention is to make Macedonia dependent on them, not only politically, but also economically. We have already seen problems with Greek ownership of Macedonian Banks.

Regarding the issue that has been trending lately - the platform made by the albanian parties, together with albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama - Vlahov-Micov says that the principle of reciprocation should be applied.

- The albanians in Macedonia can not demand all kinds of rights, when the Macedonians in Albania are deprived even of the most basic ones. This is naturally absurd and unacceptable. I know they will react immediately to that - that the number of Albanians in Macedonia, and the number of Macedonians in Albania is not the same, but there is a solution to that, too - lets do a real census not just in Macedonia, but in Albania- adds Vlahov-Micov.

Albania is known for adding at least half a million to their population dating back to Enver Hoxha, and it offers no chance for citizens to state their ethnicity.


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