Ex Vardar Coach has Car Stolen, then quickly Returned
Friday, 17 February 2017

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 European handball legend and ex HC Vardar coach discussed a bizarre incident in which his car was first stolen, and two hours later returned to the same parking space by the thieves upon realizing whose car it is they stole.

"I went to the police station to report my car being stolen. Filled out all the paperwork, and when I returned from the police station, I found my car parked where it was" says Vujovic.

In the back of the car he found a note that said "Thanks to the owner of the car". 

The thieves realized the car belonged to a sporting legend and had a change of heart.

"You know, it's just a nice thing when thieves appreciate what you have done in life" says Vujovic.

The Montenegrin legend was certainly a beloved figure in Skopje during his stay as a coach for HC Vardar.  He loved Vardar fans, the Komiti, and they loved him right back. Who can forget an incident that occurred between Skopje police and Vardar fans... which saw Vujovic jump a barrier and enter the stands where the altercation between fans and police was ongoing. He grabbed and pulled policemen away and protected the fans, much to the dismay of the security who weren't sure what do do, looking in disbelief that Vujovic was actually in the stands.  Sure enough, the assault on the fans ended right there and then, while the refs quickly red carded Vujovic for his actions.

And that's how you become and continue to be a legend where even thieves feel "yep we stole a car from the wrong guy, lets return it".


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