Montenegro Opposition: Criminal Structures want to force Country into NATO
Tuesday, 21 February 2017


A caravan of young Montenegro politicians are in Skopje to promote their idea for holding a referendum at home, as a result plan on visiting 9 countries in 12 days.

The Montenegrin Government wants the country to enter NATO even though the latest poll showed 84% of the population demands the Government hold a referendum for such an important political move.

 Marko Milachik joined by other young politicians visited Skopje today, previosly he was in Kosovska Mitrovica. 

According to them, the NATO agreement was ratified by unelected Parliament in Montenegro, supported by country's criminal structures who are in cahoots with NATO officials and are protecting their own personal interests and illegally obtained real estate. 

Milachik states the fake EU reports on Montenegro are completely politicized and have nothing to do with the actual situation in the country. "The worse it gets in the country, the more positive the EU reports, as long as their agenda is being followed. Our citizens do not have the right to a referendum and NATO and the EU are fully behind this. This is pure and simple agression by Western organizations against the citizens of Montenegro" says Milachik.


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