French sharpshooter 'accidentally' fires during Hollande speech
Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Two people have been shot during a speech by French President Francois Hollande when a sniper's pistol malfunctioned.

The French leader was talking at the opening of the Paris to Bordeaux high-speed rail at Villognon when the gunshots interrupted him.   
The soldier shot two civilians when the safety catch on his gun is said to have failed, causing a bullet to hit a cocktail waiter in the calf as well as a railway worker.

The French President was in the middle of his first speech at the high-speed rail when the bizarre incident occurred.
The shooting is said to have occurred as the sniper, posted 300 feet away from Hollande, was re-positioning himself.

The gunshots interrupted him, before he said: 'I hope everything is alright,' according to Charente Libre.
A 20-year-old waiter is said to have been stood in the sidelines near a marquee when a bullet hit him in the calf.

The gun in question is said to have been fired from a soldier serving with a special platoon in charge the protection of the gendarmerie.

Local press said the soldier wasn't able to control his gun, and colleagues saw him jumping on the spot before taking refuge in a kitchen where cocktails were being prepared.  In other words, he was being French.

 A video captures the moment the bullet is shot.

The President pauses, looking over to the area from where the sound came from, and then continues his speech.  

The accident happened in Villognon, western France, as the head of state opened the new high-speed train line between Paris and Bordeaux.

According to an initial enquiry, the soldier had left the safety catch off his service revolver and the gun went off my mistake.

The officer was lightly injured, and so was a cocktail waiter who was standing close by inside the marquee where Mr Hollande was making the speech.

The waiter, who works for a catering company, was said to have an injured foot, and was treated at the scene.

Mr Hollande, who will step down as President in May, was unhurt during today’s incident, and carried on with his speech.


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