Mogherini reads Macedonian Constitution to Ivanov, a Law Scholar
Friday, 03 March 2017

Federica Mogherini, an Italian communist, one of Soros' useful idiots in the EU, and a High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs, today lectured president Ivanov by reading passages from the Macedonian Constitution to him and the press!?

The thing is, president Ivanov is a famous professor and a legal scholar who in addition to his own PhD in Law and Political Theory, was awarded additional 7 Honorary Doctorates from prestigious law schools. 

We can expect literally anything from the eurocrat idiot leftists who visit Macedonia, but Mogherini took it to the next level, and yet didn't manage to surprise us - we have been following her career "rise" from complete obscurity to being (shockingly) named High Representative, and we can confidently say she has the brain power of Zoran Zaev. She does what she is told, puts not a single brain cell to work how foolish she would look, and simply does it. This is why Soros selected her, and it's why she read the Macedonian constitution to a Law scholar, and a president.

While reading the passage "that the winning party or the parties who form majority can form a Government if they meet the criteria" the current criteria being "you can't be insane and give up the country to Albania", the genius Mogherini at no point in time mentioned the Tirana platform devilishly introduced after the elections by PM Edi Rama who is so close to Soros, he attended his wedding. Why would she, she was told not to mention it.

Ivanov, being the master he is, told Mogherini to seize this rare opportunity and make the EU look somewhat professional and not like the complete imbecils and saboteurs they are and send a clear message  that this sort of behavior and meddling by foreign nations in Macedonia's internal affairs is not acceptable as tomorrow the very same thing will be done to another country - "a very bad precedent is created" Ivanov told her.

Did she respond? Of course not, she continued to read out few sentences written for her how "she understands, acknowledes and knows the situation is difficult and the EU will be looking very closely".  This is a sentence she will read out in Bosnia, Albania, Croatia, Serbia and the protectorate of Kosovo.

And we want to be part of the EU, even when the poor Bulgarians tell us that it will be the single biggest mistake we can ever make? //Gorazd Velkovski


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