Soros Bot Mogherini Not Allowed to Speak in Serbian Parliament
Friday, 03 March 2017

‘We don’t need EU!’ Mogherini met with anti-EU chants in Serbian parliament (VIDEO)

How is this for a welcome?

EU's High Representative visited Serbia today and was the special guest speaker in Serbian Parliament. However, no dice from the Serbs, they didn't let her say a word despite attempts by EU's Mogherini to read a statement in Serbian which was drowned by nationalists in parliament with chants of "Serbia, Russia, We Don't Need the EU"

Much to everyone surprise, Mogherini remained on the podium, kept reading inaudibly, no one heard anything, parliament security did not react, it appeared Serb MPs were determined to not let the Soros EU bot say anything. 

And they didn't. 

As for Mogherini, this woman apparently has no wiring in her body that would tell her "this is not looking good, I should probably remove myself from the podium". But not her, she was told to read, and she would read even if there is an exploding volcano near her. Soros, you did a good job with this one, she is a trooper!


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