SDS Leadership: Not important what we give up, stealing money is the goal
Friday, 03 March 2017


The SDS leadership main concern is not what would happen to the country, who cares if foreign language is printed on Macedonian currencies as long as we can steal money - this is the talk that dominates among people close to Zaev, reports Kurir.

Selling out the country's name, borders, flag, anthem, language is just a byproduct for SDS. Their main focus at this time are calculations how much they can steal from Government contracts should they be installed in charge. 

During SDS' reign, we witnessed disastrous transactions conducted by Branko Crvenkovski and Radmila Shekerinska. We saw the privatization of Macedonian utilities sector which is the most profitable sector in any country. ESM was sold dirt cheap, it is not known how much money were pocketed by Crvenkovski and Shekerinska.

During the SDS years, the average pensions were $90/month, what is even more shocking was that pensioners had their paychecks purposely delayed by 20 days, so instead of receiving 12, they always received 11 paychecks per year, one was stolen from them.

Today, the average pension is $250/month and they are going up each year. On top of it pensioners have free healthcare and free public transportation.

The SDS finance guru Nikola Popovski has publicly vowed to cut pensioners remittances by 25% in the first year they are in power.

According to reports, Zaev planned to quickly enrich himself by fining coffee shops, taxis, restaurants, shops 5,000 euros each for not having albanian signs in their stores.  Next in line for fines were attorneys and legal appointees for the sum of 2,000 euros.


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