Vucic to Mogherini: How Would EU React if we created Platform for Serbs in Bosnia and Montenegro?
Friday, 03 March 2017


 Serbian PM Aleksandar Vucic at a press confernce with media spoke of his meeting with EU's High Representative for Foreign Affairs, Federica Mogherini after she was not allowed to speak in Parliament earlier in the day, which is likely to go down as quite an  embarassment for the EU and their reckless policies.

- I asked Mogherini, what would the reaction of the EU be if I tell the Serbs in Bosnia and Montenegro to take matters in their own hands, the same way Hashim Thaci told the albanians in Macedonia? Keep in mind the Serb population in Montenegro and Bosnia each is at least twice as much as the albanians in Macedonia. I won't tell you what she responded, but you can conclude from her speech - says Vucic.

He metaphorically stated that if he issues a reckless statement as the ones issued by albanian politicians, Vucic said he would be hanged in downtown Belgrade, while the EU would enforce sanctions on Serbia.

 - I frankly cannot believe the dangerous statement by Thaci and the fact Brussels was quiet about it, even some of our media here ignored it. If any Serb politician said something identical, there would have been consequences not just for that individual, but for the country." says Vucic.

Pressed on by journalist what did Mogherini respond to his question, Vucic says that he noticed it's not very easy to provide an answer when someone tells you the truth.


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