Soros Bot Mogherini's Balkan Tour Turns into epic Disaster
Friday, 03 March 2017

The Balkan nations are seeing right through the hypocrisy and recklesness of the leftists eurocrats in Brussels and their Soros recruited representative Federica Mogherini who was scheduled to visit the entire Balkan region.

After her fiasco in Macedonia, the incredibly embarrassing reception in Serbia, Mogherini arrived in Montenegro to dish out lessons of what's good for the small Balkan nation.

But the Parliament in Montenegro were not interested to hear what Mogherini had to say, so the entire opposition plus other MPs from the Government exited Parliament as she started speaking. Mogherini ended up speaking to empty chairs, but incredibly, she completed her speech to no one.

What is even more interesting is that the High Representative from the EU was supposed to visit Bosnia yesterday, however the meeting was cancelled allegedly due to bad weather conditions at Saraevo's airport so she ended up going to Macedonia!?

This is interesting because upon checking, the weather not just in Saraevo, but the entire Balkans has been sunny and clear for over a week. Mogherini was scheduled to meet with high ranking Bosnian Government officials Mladen Ivanic, Dragan Covic, Denis Zvizdic and Igor Crnadak. Whether Mogherini was told not to bother showing up in Saraevo is not known, however the EU explanation why their representative didn't go to Bosnia holds no water as she is not making an attempt to go back there.

In Macedonia, Mogherini begun the trip with an immediate scandal by giving priority and meeting first with Soros NGOs over Government officials.

Are Balkan nations gaining mommentum to break away from the claws of the EU and their reckless policies?


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