Macedonian Civil Movement wants Government to Rethink Failed "Alliance" with EU & NATO
Saturday, 04 March 2017



The civil movement "Macedonian Manifesto" comprised of a group of intellectuals (journalists, historians, politicians...) representing thousands of citizens issued a press release this evening.

The civil movement warns the leadership of EU and NATO as well as Albania and the US protectorate of Kosovo to stop interfering in the internal affairs of sovereign Macedonia.

"We have seen your intimidation tactics. Your blackmail of our politicians and president will be met with extreme resistance by people who will defend their homeland to the last drop of blood", says the civil movement.

 In its statement, the organization sees "US Ambassador in the country Jess Baily and British Ambassador Charless Garrett not as the phony friends they present themselves as, but as the biggest enemies of Macedonia with blood on their hands. They are the main coordinators and have been leading the charge in the destabilization of Macedonia since the day they set foot on Macedonian soil. Both operatives (not Ambassadors) threatened and pressured our president into resigning from his presidential post last year. Today, Jess Baily, instead of continuing his coup against Macedonia, will be visiting a US Court to explain why he spent millions of US taxapayers money to finance criminal activities in Macedonia". 

"The civil movement does not see a friend in EU's representative Federica Mogherini. It wasn't an accident that she first met with Soros extremisits and activists on her visit to Macedonia. We also do not see friends in EU's Kocijancic, Zbogar, Vajgl and the rest of the leftist gang. They were never seen as friends" - says the civil movement.

The Macedonian Manifesto warns the only goal for NATO and the EU is a war in an attempt to destroy Macedonia. It's a fact, the so called "albanian platform" was made up by the CIA and introduced as a pretext for such a war that will spread across the region.

The civil movement warns there may be a possible agression by Albania and US protectorate of Kosovo, depending what Edi Rama and Thaci have been instructed by their masters. In addition, the Macedonian Manifesto warns the leadership of DUI and BESA that should they cause any disturbances, their existence in Macedonia will end.

Russia the only friend outside of EU

The civil movement declares that of all foreign nations outside the EU, only the Russian Federation has repeatedly given Macedonia direct support for the preservation of the country as a unitary state and has strongly objected any external interference into our internal affairs.

As a result, the Macedonian Manifesto is asking the Governnment to review and rethink their two decades of failed strategic alliance with EU and NATO, both of which are working to destabilize Macedonia, and establish strategic alliance with Russia and other BRICS nations.

The civil movement gives full support to Macedonian president Gjorge Ivanov and requests other Macedonian state institutions and political parties to stand on the front line in defense of our statehood.

"After 25 years of independence, Macedonia finally has a real, non-partisan and popular leader. Because of this, every Macedonian must stand in his defense against domestic traitors and foreign interventionists" - cconcludes the press release.


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