Serbian Political Parties, Montenegro Media with Strong Support for Ivanov
Saturday, 04 March 2017


Montenegro media hails Macedonian president Gjorgje Ivanov as the only true statesman in the Balkans. Calling him "Karageorge from Macedonia", printed daily "Princip" discusses the conversation between Ivanov and EU bureaucrat Mogherini where the Macedonian statesman told her very clearly despite what the EU thinks, believes or whatever their agenda is, he is not giving the mandate to a political party who works for foreign structures.

"Unlike all politicians in the Balkans (have your pick: Tirana, Podgorica, Athens, Saraevo, Sofia, Belgrade..) who bend their spine each and every time they meet an unelected EU bureaucrat, Ivanov would have none of it. He told Mogherini this is what's happening, and that's it", writes Princip.

 Serbia's Government as well supported Ivanov decision not to give the mandate to Zaev, followed by the SNP political party who openly showed their backing for Ivanov.


SNP calls Zaev a domestic traitor who works for Western rogue structures whose political structure is crumbling as we speak, are losing power and are desperately trying to cause a conflict.

"We strongly denounce and oppose the meddling of NATO structures in Macedonia's internal affairs whose goal is the include Serbia in the conflict as well" says SNP.

"We applaud the great Macedonia patriot and president Gjorgje Ivanov for defending the Constitution and showing great courage" says SNP.


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