Zurnal: How Jess Baily blackmailed DUI through his "Special Prosecutors"
Saturday, 04 March 2017


 Friday's headlines in Macedonian media were focused on infighting between Special Prosecutors Katica Janeva and Fatime Fetai, because of Fetai's insubordination and her close relationship with DUI which irked Janeva, but most importantly her boss US Ambaasador Jess Baily - reports Macedonian daily Zurnal.

For now, the daily states Fatime Fetai has been put in her place, but it wasn't easy, a fact confirmed by Ljupco Palevski, an SDS insider and close friend of Branko Crvenkovski.

Palevski states the SPO and Zaev are under complete control of Jess Baily, with the temporary exception of Fetai who refused to be subservient to Katica and the US Ambassador.


According to numerous insider reports, Zurnal confirms that the SDS have been blackmailing DUI officials who wanted a coalition with VMRO-DPMNE. The blackmails and threats grew each hour. We reported on numerous late night visits by Zaev to DUI's HQ in Mala Rechica. The SDS leader, as instructed by Baily played wiretapped materials of crimes committed by DUI officials threatening them the SPO will start a process against them and they will all be jailed. Of course, their political careers would end for good.

As a result of this pressure and blackmails, DUI gave the signatures to Zaev, however, now the SDS doesn't have a mandate to form a Government.

The situation within DUI is quite chaotic, reports Zurnal. There is a great deal of internal pressure among officials and the fact they were forced to enter into a coalition which doesn't have a mandate. 

Part of DUI's leadership openly asked: Where are we going, are we loyal to Soros or Trump? We can't go with both!

 DUI is also quite concerned with the rise of the citizenry and the massive demonstrations which have never been seen in Macedonia. DUI does not want to become part of the problem, however after they entered the coalition, they certainly became a part of it.

DUI is even more concerned about the future of their party which is looking bleaker by the minute. DUI officials believe If VMRO-DPMNE creates a coalition with DPA, or even BESA, DUI is finished. According to the latest Parliamentary results, they would lose the mayorship in Tetovo, Chair and very likely in Gostivar.

At the moment, the tensions between Baily-SDS-SPO-DUI are increasing on daily basis, and an imminent explosion would not be at all surprising since the entire relationship is solely based on threats and blackmails - reports Zurnal.

DUI officials are blackmailed with taking bribes in the Magyar telecom case, while others are involved in drug trafficking.


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