Zaeviqi adds Macedonian partisans to "genocide"...
Sunday, 05 March 2017


In an interview with Croatian state TV, SDS leader Agim Zaeviqi had an additional surprise for the Macedonian public. It's not just the Serbs that he would charge with genocide, it's the Macedonian partisans who would be added to the list.

In other words, your grandfathers who fought against the Italian/German/albanian fascists would be seen as the genocidal agressors, and not people who defended their homes and land.

Part of the albanian population under guide from the Italian fascists formed a division calling it Ballistet Combatr. From 1941-45  this fraction fought on the side of the Italian fascists who in turn promised them independence under Italian and German control.

Instead of charging the albanians with genocide over the Macedonian population during WW2 by being fascists accomplices, Zaeviqi has struck a deal, which is part of the Tirana platform to charge the Serbs, and now the Macedonian partisans who defended their country with 'genocide'.


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