Serbian Media: NATO's Fascism is evident in Macedonia, and it's coming to Serbia
Sunday, 05 March 2017

 Macedonia is a lesson that we Serbs must learn very, very carefully before we head to our presidential elections on April 2nd. It's crucial for our citizens to understand that what NATO is doing in Macedonia, will be replicated in Serbia - states Informer's chief editor D.J. Vucicevic.

"Macedonia and the Macedonians have been raped by NATO for two decades. They keep their country as a "powder keg" where only they (NATO) have the lighter and the fire extinguisher. Well, this strategy is coming to Serbia" says Vucicevic.

"For two years Macedonia was drowned and kept as some bizarre protectorate by Sorosoid-albanian psycho Zoran Zaev until the fascists in NATO can ensure their puppet can buy enough votes to get him to power. For two years elections were delayed, a terrorist attack in Kumanovo was orchestrated to put in 'fear' into the public. Now NATO is telling Macedonia who must form a Government, and get this, it's the losing side financed and backed by Soros (!?!). Well,  just like the psycho Zaev in Macedonia, the Soros commanders in NATO have their own psycho candidates in Serbia: Vuk Jeremic (a known Soros Bot), Sasa Jankovic (a known Soros Bot), and Bosko Obradovic (a known Soros bot)" says Vucicevic.

"Imagine this, 18%-19% of the population (official stats say less), are terrorizing 80%+ percent of the Macedonian population!?  This is the NATO democracy that they want to implement in Serbia. Immediately after the April 2nd election in Serbia, no matter what the election result, the SorosNATO bots will cry foul and claim "fraud" after which the colorful revolution will begin (same scenario already seen in Skopje, Bucharest, Kiev...)", says Vucicevic.

"Whether NATO commanders working for Soros will achieve their aim in Serbia depends only on us, the Serbian people. If we elect their psycho bots to power, well then, we don't deserve better destiny than our brethren in Macedonia" - concludes Vucicevic.


What is interesting about this column by the chief editor of, is the fact that this scenario was predicted by Macedonian journalist Mirka Velinovska roughly a year ago (on March 12th, 2016). While discussing the plans of the Obama Administration in Macedonia, she expanded on the region as a whole and stated: "Serbia will be rocked with orchestrated disturbances during their presidential elections in April 2017, while similar upheavals are under way in Athens, scheduled for the summer of 2017".

At the time, Velinovska also explained that the corporatists-globalists want to ensure Chinese and Russian investments do not go according to plan in SE Europe. Part of these investments are obviously the Turkish stream which is already underway, and the Chinese silk road and infrastructure projects which will connect Athens-Solun-Skopje-Belgrade-Budapest with high speed rail among other things. Velinovska stated the western globalists are very disturbed about these mega projects and the rising influence of Russia and China in the region and will do their best to sabotage them. One way is through utilizing NATO's ability to spark war and chaos following the mentaility "if we can't have it, no one can". Both Russia and China, not just make the huge investments with their own money, but share the profits 50-50 with their host nation partners in Europe, Africa, South America.

The west's corporate fascists are a bit 'different' and take 100% of the profits after they first force you to sign up for an investment loan with the IMF that you can never pay off. Best example of this is what happened to Kosovo's natural resources after NATO went in. And always the same template is followed: If one Government doesn't give up their natural resources, then terrorism, sabotage and subversion follows until a subservient Government is installed which will give up their resources and riches.

Even better example of West's corporate fascism today is Syria. The entire war of agression is over a gas pipeline that was meant to pass from Qatar, through Syria, and into Europe. Assad said "No" to the US/Qatar/Saudi pipeline and the "regime change" operation begun in earnest.


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