Zaeviqi asks DUI to postpone Local Elections, Ahmeti not in control of Party
Sunday, 05 March 2017

For Macedonia to hold local elections without delay, they need to be scheduled by the end of Monday (March 6th, 2017).

VMRO-DPMNE has recommended to have local and parliamentary elections held at the same time.

The SDS in their discussions with DUI have requested delay of local elections, first take control of the Government, implement the Tirana platform and only then think of local elections. The SDS arguments were - we will lose the elections.

DUI is in deep existential crisis, their leader Ali Ahmeti no longer has control over his party, instead a leader is whoever is speaking in the party's name (Arifi, Bejta...). Ali Ahmeti is the party's president on paper. DUI officials prefer speedy local elections because the more they delay the elections, they are fearful more of their votes would go to BESA and the Alliance. To them it's clear the winner in the local elections will once again be VMRO-DPMNE and the Coalition 'For Better Macedonia'.

To ensure local elections are held as scheduled, in early May, Parliament must convene and through its president schedule local elections. If this doesn't happen, the elections can be either delayed or a chance into the local elections law must be done to ensure they can be scheduled on a short notice.

VMRO-DPMNE remains on their position that jointly with local they should hold parliamentary elections as this is not just the best thing for the country, but it's also very cost effiicient.  The ruling Government also calls upon the SDS leader to show some courage and see what people thought of the Tirana platform, as it was introduced after the elections.

The SDS strongly opposes new elections.

Zaev has already met with Ahmeti where apart from the platform, he requested there cannot be elections any time in the near future, no matter what the cost. The reasoning was simple, the SDS would lose the towns where they currently hold mayoral spots, such as Strumica and Kumanovo. Zaev also suggested they cannot repeat the same Parliamentary election results, as they don't have nearly the funds to bribe voters as they did several months ago.

The SDS is not even entertaining publishing a list of mayoral candidates because they are not planning on local elections.

DUI's Ahmeti on Thursday stated local elections must be held in its scheduled time slot, in May 2017, however similarly to his partner in SDS, Ahmeti is known to change his mind very often.

The SEC has stated they are ready for local elections, which are slated to cost 6.5m euros, 500,000 euros less because the diaspora doesn't get to vote in local elections.


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