SDS Leader took photo with UCK terrorist day after Kumanovo attack
Monday, 06 March 2017

One day after 8 Macedonian policemen were killed in Kumanovo, the SDS leader visited the town, but did not visit or meet with policemen or local officials, instead he met with the very people who aided the Kosovo terrorists in Kumanovo. One of them was Bekim Aliu.

There is also information available that the SDS and Zaev knew of the attack in Kumanovo well before it happened, were even included in providing operational logistics for the Kosovo terrorists.

Zaev's right hand man Bekir Asani - Chaush who was caught of having produced 50,000 fake IDs (that were suppose to be given to Kosovo citizens to vote in Macedonia) and subsequently jailed, had in the same facility 80 bullet proof vests that were meant to be delivered to the terrorists in Kumanovo. However, the delivery never took place because police intervened few days before the scheduled attack on numerous targets in Kumanovo: open markets, shops, police stations etc.

This is the Macedonian opposition.


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