Montenegro Media stunned by Zaev: Takes Treason to New Levels
Monday, 06 March 2017

Montenegro media continue to show their dismay with SDS leader Zoran Zaev (aka Agim Zaeviqi).

"Fifth columnist", "tratior" unlike we have ever seen... are just some of the epitomes given to the leader of the largest opposition party in Macedonia by printed media in Montenegro.

"if you ever want to see someone working against his people and his country, look no further than Zaev" says Princip. Montenegro media says Zaev sees no problem that christian Macedonians should be erased within their own country so they can pave the way and make a tiny muslim minority in charge of the country, recommending that if 85% of the people don't speak albanian, should be fined 5,000 euros. For Zaev, this is completely normal and acceptable - says Princip.

-If this absurd platform was drafted in Macedonia, so be it, but it was drafted by very shady people in Tirana. On top of it, Edi Rama called representatives from Macedonia and they showed up as pupils to learn of the platform and sign off on it. But what makes this absurd, that the albanians are rather quiet and know how dangerous this platform is, but it's Zaev who is now defending it and pushing for it" says Princip.

- Zaev further states that someone should be charged with genocide, he is not sure whether it's the Italian armies, Bulgarian or German, or the Macedonian partisans, it's nothing bad to charge someone with genocide, claimed Zaev in an interview with Croatian HRT. What is wrong with this man?" asks the printed daily.


It's certainly a question no institution can answer in Macedonia.


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