It's happening: State Department getting cleaned up
Monday, 06 March 2017

We wrote yesterday that Trump's barrage of tweets signaled that he wasn't interested in song-and-dance routines about removing the career warmongers from State, the CIA and Pentagon.

They go or he goes.

So imagine our surprise when we noticed that the media was already sending signals that the Deep State is worried.

Newsweek has a long, proud history of operating as a glossy, illustrated Washington talking points periodical. We're not being facetious — the famed magazine was caught collaborating with the CIA in the 1950s. And you know the old saying — "nothing ever changes."

So we thoroughly enjoyed reading this detailed analysis explaining how Trump is slowly squeezing the pus out of the State Department, and why this is of course a very bad and dangerous development for Democracy, according to Newsweek:

Foreign service officers at the State Department keep the ship afloat? We thought they handed out cookies during violent coups? Or are we being redundant?

Of course, Newsweek attributes the "empty hallways" at State to Trump's "disdain for diplomacy" and hatred for "the administrative state".

The article — written by a "senior fellow" at the Soros-funded, Podesta/Clinton think tank Center for American Progress — is one long call to arms against Trump and his purge of the kind-hearted, career public servants at the State Department.

Here's the best part:

Finally, the seventh floor—where the secretary and the senior team sits—is basically empty after a series of layoffs. For the last eight years, in addition to the secretary there was a deputy secretary and a deputy secretary for management and resources, an undersecretary for political affairs and a counselor.

 This is the secretary’s starting lineup, the folks who represent him within the department and at critical White House meetings where big decisions are hashed out. These are the people who provide some of the most important daily advice to the secretary.

That's certainly one way to describe the seventh floor at State. But it's also known as the home to powerful, high-ranking State Department officials — "the shadow government" — who did everything in their power to shield Hillary Clinton from justice.

And if you were ever curious which State Dept employee instructs and manages Saboteur Jess Baily in Macedonia here she is: 


Danielle Garbe

Foreign Service Officer at the State Department

We are attempting to find out if she still works for the State (likely not), however there is no question Baily's coup connections have been severed at multiple levels, to say the least.


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