What is the Crappiest Place on Earth, adjusted for GDP?
Tuesday, 07 March 2017

In Get the Gringo, Mel Gibson looks around at the vibrant El Pueblito prison in Tijuana on a Sunday and remarks, “It’s visiting day, so take the whole family to the crappiest place on Earth.”

That got me wondering: what indeed is the crappiest country on earth, relative to per capita GDP?

The CIA lists all countries in order of per capita GDP, from Qatar ($129,700) and Luxembourg ($102,000) down to Central African Republic ($700) and Somalia ($400).

There’s an obvious correlation between GDP and non-crappiness, both because you can afford better but also running in the other direction. Singapore, which strove harder than just about any polity to rise above shoddiness, is now fifth in the world in GDP.

Which countries fall below the trend line?

The U.S. is a rich country, so it's a possibility. Definitely Puerto Rico, which at $37,700 is virtually as rich as the European Union ($37,800). And certainly two West African oil countries, Equatorial Guinea ($38,700) and Gabon ($19,300).

Mexico ($18,900) is a peculiarly underperforming country.

Nominations? //Steve Sailer


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