SDS, Baily & Co hold Corrupt DUI Officials on Leash
Tuesday, 07 March 2017

The tense partnership between the two largest albanian political parties SDS and DUI is a marriage of blackmails, threats and wiretapps, reports Zurnal.

We have already reported that DUI was blackmailed into aligning itself with the SDS thanks to blackmails by the SPO team (via Jess Baily) that if they don't give their signatures to the SDS, many of the DUI officials would end up in jail, and some would be compromised to such an extent they would no longer be able to participate in political life.

Zaev and Janeva from the SPO played tapes to DUI officials of them conducting illegal business. Tetovo and Gostivar mayor Teuta Arifi and Nevzat Bejta have been compromised for stealing substantial sum of money from both cities while Chair mayor Izet Mexhiti was compromised for conducting illegal business and has committed adultery with at least two women. 

Not surprisingly, reports Zurnal, the corrupt trio has been very vocal and vehemently promoted entering in an alliance with the SDS. The rest of DUI, including Ali Ahmeti himself was against this alliance, however appears to have been overruled by Arifi, Nexhiti and Bejta.

Zurnal reports DUI is becoming partitioned with the so called SDS trio within the party on one side, and others who prefer to remain in coalition with the VMRO-DPMNE. Currently, Shekerinska's close friend and Tetovo mayor Teuta Arifi appears to be in control of DUI. She has been promised high ranking ministerial post by Shekerinska, likely the head for "EU Integration" that will enable her to frequently travel to European capitals, but also enrich herself while having access to all sorts of state and EU funds.


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