Edi Rama accused for turning Albania into Toxic Wasteland
Wednesday, 08 March 2017



Albania's opposition leader Luljzim Basha accused Prime Minister Edi Rama of genocide over the albanian population after it was discovered that Rama has green lighted the storing of 1,300 containers each weighing 30 tones of highly dangerous chemical waste into the country.

The chemical waste was brought in from Italy, Rama was heavily compensated for it.

- We're expecting official information for this, however, we are facing with crime of unseen proportions that will literally kill us all. At least 1,300 containers with very dangerous chemical components were brought in Albania. This is very dangerous to our health, to the land, to anyone who lives near the area where these containers are. This is a genocide over our population - stated Basha.

- This is what happens when crime and criminal activities dictate the agenda in the Government - says Basha adding the containers were brought in right after the Government signed off on this project, keeping the public in the dark.

Italian newsportal "Planeta Italia" says that Edi Rama secretly took in at least 1,300 containers, however the actual number can be much higher. Edi Rama's government has been quiet on this mega scandal and has not released information where these chemical containers are.


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