Protests in Macedonia expand to 23 cities
Wednesday, 08 March 2017


The 'Civic Initiative for United Macedonia' organized Wednesday yet another march which has now expanded to 23 cities across the country, with protesters reaffirming their demands for united Macedonia and against platforms designed in foreign countries.

The march, as in the last few days, kicked off in front of the government to be wrapped up in front of the Parliament building.

'The Tirana platform attacks the foundations, essence of this country. Ultimately, the United Macedonia will win...Those who stand for Macedonia's redefinition must loosen their grip on the country. If your wishes for Macedonia are beneficial, give up the platform,' Initiative's member Bogdan Ilievski said at the rally.

Macedonia's pianist and singer, Elena Misirkova and Andrijana Janevska respectively, voiced their support for Macedonia's unitary status.

The rally also heard a statement of support by Macedonia's handball player Kire Lazarov.

Today, as last week, the 'Civic Initiative for United Macedonia' organized rallies in several cities across the country.

New rallies across Macedonia are also announced for tomorrow.


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