Protests continue across Macedonia, Lazarov makes an appearance
Thursday, 09 March 2017

The 'Civic Initiative for United Macedonia' organized Thursday yet another march, with protesters reaffirming their demands for united Macedonia and against platforms designed in foreign countries.

The march, as usual, kicked off in front of the government to be wrapped up in front of the Parliament building.

Initiative's member Bogdan Ilievski called for unconditional rejection of the so-called 'Albanian platform' and designing of a new one in Macedonia.

Today Senol Memis, chair of the Macedonian-Turkish Association 'Mustafa Kemal Ataturk', joined the march, voicing support for united, multi-ethnic Macedonia.

The citizens of Macedonia will not allow outsiders to determine their future, folk singer Suza Spasovska told the gathering.

Loud round of applause welcomed the appearance of handball player Kire Lazarov at the rally in Skopje.

Today, as last week, the 'Civic Initiative for United Macedonia' organized rallies in several cities across the country.


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