Distraction: SPO and SDS Judge approve detainment of TV Nova Owner
Thursday, 09 March 2017


The SPO ordered the detainment of businessman Sead Kocan, the owner of TV NOVA, which Zaev has accused as "too friendly" to the VMRO-DPMNE.

 Keeping with their standard practices, the SPO had no legal reasons for the detainment, however their order was approved by SDS judge Gordana Dimova, the wife of SDS Minister Vlado Dimov who is awaiting a prison sentence in Macedonia and has lived in hiding in Bulgaria for over five years.

Today's activities can be seen not just an attack on Macedonian media by the illegitimate SPO, but is also meant to serve as a distraction from SDS' separatist and terrorist tendencies against the country.

TV Nova has become a problem for the SDS as the TV station has repeatedly unearthed multiple scandals connected to the opposition.  There have been unsuccessful attempts by the SDS to "recruit" TV Nova's owner. 

The judge Gordana Dimova who approved the SPO request is a story in itself. Prior to making her decision on Sead Kocan, Dimova met with SDS attorney Miki Vuikj for over two hours!?

Dimova was elected judge by the then Communist Party in 1987, and was re-elected in 1996. Dimova is one of 600 judges with ties to the SDS who were re-elected in Parliament without the presence of the opposition.

Prior to this, the SPO had exerted pressure on Dnevnik, NetPress, Kanal 5, Vecer, Sitel, Utrinski... essentially all media that isn't under SDS control.

And so instead of Zaev and his partners in DUI and BESA being rounded up, it's Zaev through the SPO which puts pressure on Media!

Meanwhile, Zaev on the protesters...


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