UCK releases a "communique", threatens Ivanov
Friday, 10 March 2017

The Kosovo terrorist organization, UCK issued a communique signed by a man calling himself "commander Nazi".

In the communique, reported by Kosovo media, he threatens the Macedonian president of having 80 fighters ready to go, positioned on Shar Mountain, adding the UCK terrorists were better prepared than the Macedonian army.

"I would tell president Ivanov and his army that we're better prepapred and soon we will clash. We have 80 soldiers positioned on the Shar mountain, and soon we'll free all of the albanian territories and proclaim the Republic of Ilirida" says the communique signed by commander Nazi.

Two years ago, UCK terrorists from NATO's caliphate of Kosovo released a similar communique, threatening they would take action in Macedonia. Their call for battle ended rather tragically for them in Kumanovo, however, thanks to the goodness of the Macedonian police, the majority of the terrorists were taken prisoners and not killed on the spot. We're not sure the same goodness will be available again.


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