Panic time: Deep State Foot Soldier Jess Baily ordered to break Ivanov, bribe Judges
Saturday, 11 March 2017


Jess Baily, a Deep State representative in Macedonia, remnant from the Obama's Administration has hit the panic button after the massive protests that are taking place across the country - reports Dnevnik's Mirka Velinovska.

"In their effort to erase Macedonia and its people as a country, the planners hired Zoran Zaev and his SDSM. For logistical support Zaev was given full support from Soros and his NGOs, Washington's criminal spy network and their terrorist creation UCK which in the country is masked as political parties."

According to the latest intelligence, the US Ambassador Baily before he is removed from Macedonia has been ordered by a rogue CIA power center to do everything in his power to make Zoran Zaev the Prime Minister with a mandate to turn Macedonia into a caliphate, a crime depot run by these rogue elements to expand their power in the region. Baily is scheduled to leave in May.

For this to be achieved, the planners needed to make VMRO-DPMNE a nonfactor in the country, while the albanian bloc to become the dominant political force in the country. The Macedonian citizens had to be pacified and demoralized. The Tirana platform as we've reported on multiple occasions, was not created by Edi Rama, instead it was a task given to him by former CIA Boss John Brennan whose fate now hangs in the balance thanks to Wikileaks - reports Dnevnik.

There is no question the American intel agencies are being disciplined and drained. Certainly some of these rogue forces will remain, go into a hybrid mode seeking to hide on the peripheries awaiting "better days" when they can continue their organized terror. Macedonia and the Balkans have been identified by these rogue forces as the perfect destination for this, reports Dnevnik.

 These days, Baily is frantically working our Courts, has already activated bought judges, has attempted to scare those that can't be bought while through Zaev he has threatened to replace them all. He has blackmailed Macedonian businessmen and state media to support Zaev. Everyone and anyone in the country that Baily believes to have some power is being blackmailed by Zaev's team with wiretapped material.

What Baily, and his Euro partners Mogherini and the rest of their colleagues on the left did not plan is for the forest keepers to enter the forest. Forest keepers are the Macedonian citizens who said "no" to the lunacy from Tirana. The old age proverb "calculations at home are not the same as those outside" proved true once again. 

The deep state believed Macedonians were not interested in preserving their own country!? The planners believed that Macedonians have already been pacified by wiretapped scandals, the Soros-ization of the media, the condom revolution, censoring of the State TV media...

 Baily's nervousness was perfectly illustrated by Zaev's interview with Alsat when he suggested that protesters were 'dumb', 'fascists' and should leave the streets. The leaders of the protests are led by individuals who aren't affialiated with any political party, are multi ethnic and have increased on daily basis (over 200,000) which creates even more problems for Baily.

The planners have no solution for this "problem". Another deep state foot soldier, Hoyt Lee, part of Nuland's terror team, made a quick appearance from Zagreb and stated Macedonia must change its name, this is why they need Zaev in charge. Hoyt Lee essentially repeated what SDS advisor and CIA contractor Ljubomir Frckovski stated in numerous TV appearances.... that it is benefitial for Macedonia to change its name, and for Macedonians to lose their identity - reports Dnevnik.

 Both Baily and Mogherini have attempted to scare the Macedonian leadership with unlishing their terrorists squad, the UCK!? They don't seem to understand that unlishing Morgoth himself wouldn't work into scaring the Macedonian public.

It is quite realistic to expect Trump to be cleaning up his swamp for the next three months at least, if not more. He just drained the entire Justice Department which was packed with corrupt prosecutors and lobbysts appointed by the Obama administration. This is quite significant for the new US Government as there was a great deal of sabotage from the DoJ.

Meanwhile, in Macedonia, Zoran Zaev will never get the mandate, even if he publicly denounces the Tirana platform. He will get the mandate if his party, the SDS wins in the next election. This will never, ever happen. As a result, the SDS will avoid new elections like the plague.

There will be elections when Macedonia and its citizens decides there will be elections. There will be a new census. The foreign cancer in the country will very quickly realize Macedonia and its people are sovereign and independent, where the people decide. 

Zaev's scenario B failed. This scenario was suppose to fool everyone that Zaev allegedly gives up the platform, gets the mandate and through Parliament (with EU flag approval) stages a putsch on the Constitution. Furthermore, Zaev has threatened VMRO-DPMNE if they don't become part of Baily's plan, he would take few MPs from their own party. Zaev is still not aware that he is no longer part of Macedonian society. He believed he was protected by an Umbrella that doesn't leak.

In terms of the threats of war, Macedonia has been in an official state of emergency for nearly a year thanks to the migrant cirisis. The army is deployed to the north and the south. Yes, the police is quite chaotic with a greatalbanian interim minister from DUI in charge, but if terrorist formations like to test us, Baily and his Euro contractors may be once again unpleasantly surprised.


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